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Budgerigar Study Skin by CheeTaxi Budgerigar Study Skin :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 4 0 Turaco Feather Experiment by CheeTaxi Turaco Feather Experiment :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 6 13 Crow Feet by CheeTaxi Crow Feet :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 5 2 Buzzard Wing by CheeTaxi Buzzard Wing :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 4 14 Sparrowhawk Wing by CheeTaxi Sparrowhawk Wing :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 4 0 Puffin Wings by CheeTaxi Puffin Wings :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 3 2 Cormorant Wing by CheeTaxi Cormorant Wing :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 3 14 Little treasure by CheeTaxi Little treasure :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 10 10 Feral Pigeon Wings by CheeTaxi Feral Pigeon Wings :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 3 0 Rook Wings + Tail by CheeTaxi Rook Wings + Tail :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 5 12 Blackbird Wings [2] by CheeTaxi Blackbird Wings [2] :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 5 2 Common Pipistrelle Skin by CheeTaxi Common Pipistrelle Skin :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 13 9 Common Starling Skin by CheeTaxi Common Starling Skin :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 4 2 Great Tit Skin by CheeTaxi Great Tit Skin :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 8 6 Common Redstart Skin by CheeTaxi Common Redstart Skin :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 8 0 Rosea Coppersmith Barbet Study Skin by CheeTaxi Rosea Coppersmith Barbet Study Skin :iconcheetaxi:CheeTaxi 6 9


Nightjar skin by TichodromaMuraria Nightjar skin :icontichodromamuraria:TichodromaMuraria 12 1 white eared bulbul by HippiUnicorn white eared bulbul :iconhippiunicorn:HippiUnicorn 11 6 Northern Gannet Skull by CabinetCuriosities Northern Gannet Skull :iconcabinetcuriosities:CabinetCuriosities 24 4 Yellow-casqued Hornbill Skull by CabinetCuriosities Yellow-casqued Hornbill Skull :iconcabinetcuriosities:CabinetCuriosities 37 2 Diaphonized Rat Foetus by CabinetCuriosities Diaphonized Rat Foetus :iconcabinetcuriosities:CabinetCuriosities 55 9 Jax by AdarkerNEMISIS Jax :iconadarkernemisis:AdarkerNEMISIS 29 15 Black Cross by AdarkerNEMISIS Black Cross :iconadarkernemisis:AdarkerNEMISIS 31 38 Beige Cross- Muddy Buddy by AdarkerNEMISIS Beige Cross- Muddy Buddy :iconadarkernemisis:AdarkerNEMISIS 43 27 Reverse Cross- Gisele by AdarkerNEMISIS Reverse Cross- Gisele :iconadarkernemisis:AdarkerNEMISIS 95 23 White Mark Cross fox by AdarkerNEMISIS White Mark Cross fox :iconadarkernemisis:AdarkerNEMISIS 26 15 Calico Cat Pelt by CabinetCuriosities Calico Cat Pelt :iconcabinetcuriosities:CabinetCuriosities 26 64 BC Naturalis 063- Neon skeleton by Lot1rthylacine BC Naturalis 063- Neon skeleton :iconlot1rthylacine:Lot1rthylacine 2 0 Sea urchins by Lot1rthylacine Sea urchins :iconlot1rthylacine:Lot1rthylacine 2 14 Bone helmet by N8grafica Bone helmet :iconn8grafica:N8grafica 66 17 Murder at Eventide by N8grafica Murder at Eventide :iconn8grafica:N8grafica 2,703 231


i have decided to reorganize my collection, i wish to have more wet specimens and skulls. here's more about this: TRADING pelts, others FOR skulls and wet specimensreasoning:
long time no see! kagisnad here as usual. i gotta say life has been hectic for us!
not much time for our hobbies, what with school, art, and life in general. i myself have been super busy with school and trying to raise money for bills, through art commissions. so we haven't paid much attention to this account.
i hope we can become active again, for a while now we have wanted to take more pictures of our collections to update the page.
however, before that, i would like to reorganize my collection. i have had a moth problem, that i am solving now [a lot of anti-moth spray, and putting them in the fridge for two weeks to kill any eggs, then thoroughly inspect them]. i decided i will keep only skulls, wet specimens, tails and bird study skins, claws, teeth, as well as possibly other curiosities. this isn't because i wouldn't like other things, i do, a lot, but i cannot sit with my window closed at night during the summer.. so moths are a huge problem for me. i love disp

i will be trading the pelts, skins, wings etc. below, for the following
i can sell them too [through paypal]
i can do partial trade, partial payment

pelts [click on each for details]

blue fox konan by CheeTaxi blue fox, konan

blue fox radienakka by CheeTaxi blue fox, radienakka

silver fox vent by CheeTaxi silver fox, vent

dark tundra fox by CheeTaxi very dark tundra fox

bird items & others

house sparrow f /eurasian tree sparrow m /etc. by CheeTaxi
house sparrow skin, eurasian tree sparrow study skin, 3x margay tail, raccon tail, mink tail
eurasian tree sparrow head by CheeTaxi hosue sparrow head by CheeTaxi

Buzzard Wing by CheeTaxi buzzard wing

Sparrowhawk Wing by CheeTaxi sparrowhawk wing

Cormorant Wing by CheeTaxi cormorant wing

interested in

wet specimens and skulls [mostly anything, just ask and i'll tell you if i'm interested]
bird study skins, mounts, or wings

this fat

onix by CheeTaxi


CheeTaxi's Profile Picture
This is the taxidermy account of 00BlacKBerrY00 and Kagisnad .

A bit about us:
We're hobbyist taxidermists, more or less new to collecting, but definitely passionate about expanding and learning as much as we can. ^^

Blackberry is the more experienced of us, having started earlier and already with experience skinning and processing, and is more inclined towards the finding, processing and preserving. She has the keener eye for spotting things and generally finds and manufactures our things.
She particularly likes feathers, and anything bird or bat related [such as wings, study skins, skulls], as well as mammal tails and horns.

Kagisnad is the newer collector, without much experience with processing, more inclined towards the collecting part. Having next to 0 observational spirit and no experience with processing or a steady hand, she does the trading, managing and communication part. [Although that doesn't mean she's any less passionate about taxidermy, she does want to learn to preserve items properly herself, however doesn't have the necessary skill & knowledge, yet.]
She particularly likes skulls, tails and limbs [paws, legs, wings], study skins, bits and pieces and black-and/or-white items [ anything greyscale].

As we're looking to expand our collections, we might accept trades or we might sell any of our items unless specifically stated otherwise.
Check our wishlists to know any items we might want!
Hit us up with a note or a comment if you have anything we want or think we might like, and perhaps we could do a trade or make a purchase!

Generally Kagisnad manages the account [uploads, journals], however any comments, replies, or notes will be marked with a -K or a -B so you know who you're talking to. Also, all pictures are taken by Blackberry and compiled by Kagisnad.
A quick way to tell whether one item belongs to one of the other is to look at the background- Blackberry has orange tones, Kagisnad has greyscale/natural/green tones.


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